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Below is a list of documents that have cited Wikipedia as a source and are of general interest to Wikipedians, but don't fall into one of the other categories (see right).



  • Robert W. Wood, Jackson Estate Says, "Beat It, IRS." NYSBA Journal, November/December 2013. pp. 11-13, at 13. Cited Celebrity bond in footnote 4.





  • November: "Web User Interaction: Threat Trees", a W3C Working Group Note, cites the English Wikipedia entries for cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.
  • September: FIDE uses the Spanish Wikipedia biographies of the contenders in the 2007 World Championship Tournament in Mexico. link
  • August 24: List of Academy Award winners and nominees for Best Foreign Language Film was cited by Peter Martin on the website Cinematical (which belongs to AOL). He referred to it as a "nicely formatted list of winners and nominees".[2]
  • Official web site of the governor of South Australia links to Wikipedia biographical articles.
  • July 25: BBC News directs readers to the Wikipedia article on social bookmarking to learn more about the service they launch on their web site.
  • July British agency cites Wikipedia in denying F1 trademark
  • June A religious web site of the Rapture persuasion, ShoutVoiceTrump.com, announces "Pre-Tribulation Rapture Already in Progress". They cite Wikipedia as the source: "The Rapture has started. http://en.chped.com/wiki/Rapture"
  • March 3: Nine Inch Nails, on their promotional website for their upcoming DVD Beside You in Time, include an HD FAQ briefly discussing the differences between DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray Disc; they point to our article Comparison of high definition optical disc formats for additional details. --Delirium 23:43, 3 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  • February 1: On the "Ben Franklin" episode of the US version of The Office, Jim Halpert explains that he looked up prima nocta on Wikipedia (actually a redirect to droit de seigneur) to confirm his suspicions that Michael Scott had used the term incorrectly.
  • February: Steve Wander, ed. (February 2007). "Supercritical" (PDF). System Failure Case Studies. 1 (4). NASA. (an internal NASA safety awareness document) lists SL-1 as a reference.





  • Mark Doernhoefer, Surfing the net for software engineering notes, ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes (November 2003). Has a section about wikipedia.